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Kazimierz Prószyński - genius number 129957

Kazimierz Proszynski, who lived at the turn of the 19th  and 20th  century, was a Polish inventor, enthusiast and a pioneer of worldwide cinematography. In 1894 Proszynski constructed his own cinematographic camera for taking photos and making projections and named it the 'Pleograf'. If the young inventor had trenchancy and required financial resources at that time - who knows, maybe we would be talking about worldwide 'pleography' instead of cinematography today? It was the 'Pleograf ' Proszynski used to shoot his first short films. His movies were the first ones ever made in Poland and one of the first worldwide.

At present HARPOON FILMS Film Studio is preparing a documentary with featured scenes about dramatic life of this forgotten inventor.

The most important element of cinematography in our film will be featured motion pictures resembling the style of original ones from those times, made with the old, pioneer cameras and stylistic convention of the cinema at the start of the 20th  century. Archive materials will be an important element as well. Unconventional mixture of these two elements: featured scene shots and archives will make this project visually unique.

On the right we are presenting the film's teaser which was produced in order to promote the project at the international co-productive forums.